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For Once, I'm proud to be imbecilic [18 May 2004|01:57am]
[ mood | lazy ]

College is starting again. And I have mixed feelings, of dealing with a lot of tension and at the same time, meeting my friends. I miss all of you, you guys know who you are. Anyway, what do I have in mind?

Hmmm, I want to take any of those friends to Par 43, for an hour or two of mindless, imbecilic miniature golf, and we want to psyche each other out, have fun, laugh at jokes, just being crazy. I know I have a lot of things I have and want to do. But I'm too lazy to do them. I want to finish my story, I'm already in chapter 4, but I'm too lazy. I want to call the girl I like, but I'm too lazy for that too. I also want to practice my guitar, but again, CHORUS, IM TOO LAZY FOR THAT TOO. And I feel so good, forcing myself not to think about everything. And I think I should start waking up early. I feel life already, life out of my cold, dumb, shell. I'm not alone anyway. For now, I'll probably do some ROCK ROOTS. Pearl Jam will do, they always do. PEARL JAM IS THE BEST. If not them, well, there's WHAT MADE THEM PEARL JAM. Like The Who. Like Springsteen. Like Neil Young ( I can already play Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere. SHALALALA!!!!!!!!!) I feel like an outsider, out of a world of emo-punk, nu metal, rnb, mushy lovers, macho dudes with their flashy Honda Civics and the girls that passed me by ( Okay, Im stereotyping again, hahahahahaha), rock bigshots, rock posers. It's all about relationships. Dayyyym. A song about relationships is not that bad. But please, for the love of God, be more creative. Only Pete Yorn is one of the new bloods who can break your heart with his tunes. But the rest, leave it to the TITANS. For back then, NOBODY WAS STEREOTYPED and rock was sensitive, for lonely sensitive kids, who have a certain dream. That's why I love Pearl Jam. They made me dream. But hey, I dont wan to justify myself today. So I'll say goodnight now. Unless I feel bummed up that I decide to post my goofy writings. OKAY, I WILL . PEACE

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Summer Bug : The Sequel [04 May 2004|02:27am]
[ mood | pessimistic ]

The summer bug strikes again. And god forgive me, but I'm lonely here. It's hard to face the facts that I'm being worried about a lot of things. Maybe girl problems,or WORRIES ABOUT GIRL PROBLEMS. FUCK, THIS SUCKS. I like somebody and I don't know if I have a chance or not. What if shit don't work out??? Will I be left in the fucking cold again? I don't feel good, and It's a very weird feeling, for I've been happy these days. WHAT's WRONG WITH ME????? Maybe I'm just too paranoid, stressed or just sleeping too late. AWW , Hell, I cant deal with this right now. I'm off to bed

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April 2004 Roundup [02 May 2004|04:13am]
[ mood | indescribable ]

Here's what happened this past april

2.meeting people/friends
3. first bar gig( wishing for more to come
4. course cards ( what a hassle!!!!!! AAAAAAH)
5. new band( I'm still forming it)

MUSIC ( April's Memorable Albums)

Neil Young-Tonight's The Night
Pearl Jam-Live At The Garden DVD
Dinosaur Jr-Ear Bleeding Country: The Best OF Dinosaur Jr.
Bruce Springsteen-Born To Run
The Who-Who's Next
Led Zeppelin-Remasters
Pete Yorn-Musicforthemorningafter


Neil Young-Speakin' Out
Bruce Springsteen-Tenth Avenue Freezeout
Dinosaur Jr-Start Choppin'
Pearl Jam-Daughter
Pearl Jam-Jeremy
Pete Yorn-All At Once
Ben Kweller-In Other Words/Family Tree ( TIE)
The Vines-Autumn Shade 1 & 2

APRIL 28 GIG, Bacci Cafe Katipunan


Intro ( Pete Yorn cover)
All At Once(PY)
Family Tree ( Ben Kweller cover)
For Nancy(Cos It Already Is) (PY Cover)
Daughter(Pearl Jam cover)
Jeremy(Pearl Jam cover)

as for movies, I need to rent videos and watch more. Although I saw Saving Silverman, and that's totally funny.I want you Amanda Peet. And as for my friends, we still got a couple of days before we start with the term, and back to daily college routines. So I will see you guys sooner than later, and we'll go anywhere. Eastwood, Par 43, OUR NEXT GIG, anything. Just please, plan something. I MISS YOU GUYS

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MOWER ( JUST A SONG) [02 May 2004|04:09am]
[ mood | worried ]

For now, I'll just leave a song that I feel like playing

by Superchunk
On The Mouth albummower:

nothing gets in my way today
no one has the power of steel beneath them
i'll leave the world ??
and left to rot beneath the bay

it was a robin's egg and it was blue
it was a robin's egg and it was blue
it was crushed to bits and you saw it, too
and you say about these things
we say about these things
we have no idea what we're saying

don't you stay in one place to long
they will crawl inside your shoes
they will eat you from the inside
they will make you play to lose


cut it short, we take the easy way every time
we have no idea what we're saying


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It's like being 30 ( thoughts on our first bar gig) [29 Apr 2004|11:34am]
Last Night, we had an open mike night, and me and my friend Iñigo were part of the bill, alongside Nic's band Twitch, and my former band Shevesred. Twitch and Shevesred started the set. Then came other musicians, not exactly rock . Unfortunately, the friends we invited weren't able to come. But It did turn out to be a really great night for me and Iñigo. We started the set with a couple of Pete Yorn songs. Songs which I dont know If the people watching could relate to or not. We also covered Ben Kweller's Family Tree and ended our set with Pearl Jam's Daughter and Jeremy. The crowd was very attentive, and the bar manager even told us that "we're too young to know Pearl Jam songs well" . Okay, I could take that as a compliment. But I dont think we're too young for good old rock n roll. It's timeless. Although you really end up meeting people who are at least 30, but it's great. Now we know what motivates our audience, and now we know our roots. I'll ditch the solo crap, I have a new DUO now. PEACE...
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The Summer Bug of Loneliness [21 Apr 2004|11:24pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

Sometimes, I like to think that summer sucks. It's because I don't really move much and I miss my friends, a new girl I like ( get well soon,Greek Goddess) and the action of everything. It's not all bad though. I finally made it into the dean's list. I like it. But I still have one course card to get, and boy, it's a hassle picking up piled up course cards. What a drag. Not to mention there are only a few people in school. It's like a post-armageddon day. Not to mention my friends being totally distant and I feel alone. It's the summer bug of loneliness and it sucks. Thank God for my new Nick Hornby book, and my rock cds. I will kick some ass here. And oh yeah, I think I have a gig at Bacci Cafe, it's an Open Mike Night, I'll just........ play what I want to play. Anyway, call it a day sstill. PEACE OUT


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Sucking Out Energy With A Giant Straw 2 [01 Apr 2004|09:12pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

Thursday again . Instead of writing one whole paragraph, I feel like making a list of things that were done.

GOOD THINGS ( Thursday, April 1, 2004)

1. Was able to talk with my friends
2. Was able to buy a new issue of Spin Magazine ( GRUNGE ISSUE, AHHRIGHTTTT)
4. Was able to eat alone at Cul De Sac, and breathe life
5. Able to check Spin mag and found out that ITS TRUE : THE DESCENDENTS ARE BACK!!!!!
6. Had fun driving home and talking with Tino and A.J.
7. I'm currently enjoying my Pearl Jam cd, while Im working

Okay, here are the BAD THINGS


1. Stress
2. Worries
3. Worries about friends and infatuations

1. Be able to get closer with that new girl I met
2. Qualify for Dean's List
3. hangout with my buddies, not just school stuff
4. Be able to look for Superchunk, Descendents, etc cds in Hong Kong
5. To be able to go DRINKING in Hong Kong
6. To restore my inner strength and my sanity

Aside from that, there's work and lots of it. But it's good. I try to think that getting stressed or exhausted is worth it, if you really worked hard on something. HERE's FOR THE BEST!!!!!

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Sucking Out Energy With A Giant Straw [31 Mar 2004|10:39pm]
[ mood | TIRED!!!!!! ]

Im tired, lonely , yet I still think about the things I have achieved so far. I met this girl in school, and she's really cool. I hope I wouldn't mess this up. For now, I miss my other friends, and I'm here again, worried about "everything". I don't know. Maybe I'm just too tired to think straight. Who can blame us? We got finals on saturday. At least it's over after saturday. So what happened today? Not-so-impressive results of my "baby-thesis" defense, lunch with my friends Pope, Maphs and Ken , too bad Iñigo had to go home. He wasn't able to join us for lunch( JOIN US FRIDAY DUDE!!!!!). There was also Martin's bible study, and long talks with my friend Ruby. I hope I can get a reply from that new girl. I'm happy she's giving me a chance to get to know her. I'd love that. I worry about all these other things, regarding her, other friends I miss, other things. And I'm STILL obsessed with Germany. This will all pass. PEACE OUT. INHALE/EXHALE

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[ mood | artistic ]

It's huge, wide, shiny, and it's mine. I got it for the strangest reasons........... And I like that. Aside from that, there were also lunch with my friend Pope, and talks about Ronald Reagan , comic books, not to mention artists' perception of everything that is political.I also saw Adam Sandler's new movie 50 First Dates. It gave one hell of a laugh trip. GO ADAM!!!!!!!!1 At this time, there are still a lot of things on my mind. There's Pearl Jam, The Passion Of The Christ movie, WORLD PEACE, arts, MARIAM LORZA, Germany ( I dont know why). I was also able to create a story. It's a romantic comedy about this photojournalist-turned college sociology professor. I'm still going to work on it. It's the start of the weekend and I'm positive that things are about to get crazy. It's supposed to be like that , or else that isn't the life of Francis. I don't know what to do next for now. I'll probably take a cold shower, read a book and sleepaway the rest of the night. SEEYA

DRIFTING , by Pearl Jam

drifting, drifting, drifting away
i got myself a mansion, then i gave it away
it's not the world that's heavy, it's just the things that you save
and i'm drifting, drifting away
drifting, drifting, drifting along
i rid myself of worries, and my worries were gone
i only run when i want to and i sleep like a dog
i'm drifting, drifting along
the suitcoats say, "there is money to be made"
they get so excited, nothing gets in their way
my road it may be lonely just because it's not paved
it's good for drifting, drifting away
all the suitcoats say, "there is money to be made"
they get so excited, nothing get's in their way
my road it may be lonely just because it's not paved
it's good for drifting, drifting away
drifting, drifting, drifting, uh huh
i feel like going back there, but never for long
i sometimes wonder if they know that i'm gone
i'm drifting, drifting along
drifting, drifting along...drifting, drifting along

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What is Jesus doing right now?? [07 Mar 2004|11:21pm]

What could Jesus be doing right now? Chilling out, after making a lot of miracles.

What is Jesus wearing ? He got rid of the robe, after a sweaty night,jamming with Hendrix, John Entwistle and Keith Moon. He's wearing flannel right now, and a Jeff Buckley T shirt. Jeff Buckley gave that to him , after collaborating withe him last year at WOODSTOCK HEAVEN

Last record/cd Jesus bought : Probably The Strokes' Room On Fire, but that's just me

TOP 10 Bands That Jesus Listens To

Jimi Hendrix
The Who
The Strokes,
maybe some Pearl Jam
The Cure
John Lennon
The Beatles' White Album
Neil Young
Social Distortion
Dinosaur Jr.
Ritchie Valens
Buddy Holly
Juan Dela Cruz
Freddie Aguilar

Tomorrow, he will be :Answering the questions that are going to be asked by Lester Bangs. Photos are to be shot by Andy Warhol
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UMMMMMM...... [03 Mar 2004|09:31pm]
It's wednesday again. Drove a couple of friends home and now I'am here, tired as hell. I could hardly put my mind on work mode. Plus here I'am thinking of "her" again. Almost everyday, she's on my mind. I have to clear my thoughts about this. I like her, and I think I want her to be mind, and the reason is just because I LIKE HER. I'm a human being , I have the right to. I just hope it works. "I'll see you when I dream of you. " . For now, I'm listening to Coachella Audio, the radio for Coachella Festival. Damn, check the lineup out : The Pixies, Radiohead, The Cure. I wish I could go . I wish I could see Pearl Jam again. I hardly listen to mainstream radio these days. I see other inspiration,aside the music of my favorite artists. But I search for inspiration through other things too. Like , Jim Henson, he's a genius. Kiefer Sutherland? Oh he's a rocker. I think I should watch 24, hahaha. What else? Seeing her face gives me inspiration. It just does. It's weird for me to think like that, but here I'am thinking about it. I'm watching wrestling right now , and I'm playing music by Superchunk. Here it goes. Good Night Everybody
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Points To Plunder [26 Feb 2004|05:40am]
** When you wake up and you realize that the world has passed you by, go back to sleep **


** People like you keep on telling me that I'm ugly and I hardly evolved. Well, I got news for you. I still have time to evolve. You think you're so perfect , you think you have fully evolved? Okay, maybe you have. There's nothing left for you to evolve to. The next step for you is extinction**
------- 1/26/04

***Again, we tackle the topic about evolution. A lot of people believe that man evolved from the monkey. But I doubt it. We're still monkeys. We just know how to make ourselves look good.But can't everybody look inside themselves and ask themselves "how many people have i stepped on?" , will i regret this?" Nope, nobody seems to do that these days. So how can we say that we are men, or human beings. Like for instance, monkeys these days handle all the big companies, and they dont seem to care as long as they gain a lot. To hell with competition **

**I had to deal with two people today. Two people who couldn't stand each other, and will not hesitate to say bad things against each other. They kept on bad-mouthing each other to the point that they became totally pissed at each other that it erupted into a fistfight. I went straight to them and gave the two a right cross. Now do you two get the picture ? None of you are right** ( Thanks to Pope Vergel for the inspiration)

** There's got to be more to life than competition. There's got to be more to life than being branded a winner or a loser. I never won anything. But I dont need to lose my head for that **
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